By Vanessa Friedman

The largest rough diamond discovered since 1905, the 1,758-carat Sewelo, was revealed with great fanfare last April, named in July and then largely disappeared from view. Now it has resurfaced with a new owner - and it’s not a name you might expect.

It is not, for example, Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, on the hunt for a trophy asset. It is not a royal family, searching for a centrepiece for a new tiara. It is not the De Beers Group, who could be seen as the creator of the diamond market and owner of the Millennium Star Diamond, which, uncut, was a 770 - carat stone.

It is not ever the diamond specialist Graff, the owner of the Graff Lesedi La Rona, a 302.37 - carat diamond that is the world’s largest emerald-cut sparkler. 

It is Louis Vuitton-the Luxury brand better known for its logo-bedecked handbags than its mega-gems, which has been present on place Vendome, the heart of the high jewelry market, for less than a decade.